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December 28, 2008



Thanks for presenting my videos. I'm even more encouraged to make the videos these days, kind of expecting your post about my videos and wondering how they would be presented in your blog.(^^;)
I can also correct my English by seeing your articles. I'm getting better knowledge on English shogi terms day by day.(^^;)
Oh, I didn't know about the background story of NHK-cup in that term, where Habu beat all those great players and emerged as a new hero! Thanks for the information.
By the way, this game is played on Jan. 9, and aired on Feb. 5. I came to know that by seeing the comment in the Kifu file which I searched on Kifu-Database.


Thanks for your comment. I correted the date information.


Here is the link to the video
Habu - Oyama:



> rick7

Oh, you found that. I don't know how long the file will last to be there.

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