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September 03, 2008



Why Habu did`nt win by 90.N95 nd 92.K73??? This is obvious way! What Japanese commentatores say about it, Terao-san?


> Sergej,

After the game, it appeared that both players did not see the decisive move of K-7c, while the players in press room, many shogi fans like you found that winning line at that time.

My guess is Habu did not see Kimura's Rx1a+ of taking Lance was in threatmate until it was played and it made him a little panic.


In my opinion, it is incredible for such level players! Are they get money from sponsors for every game?:) May be the 3-d game is necessary for Ryo sponsors?


> Sergej

Something incredible often happened in big games like this one. That's shogi.

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