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August 21, 2008


Gergely Buglyó

Hello Takodori,

These videos are very interesting and informative in my opinion - thank you for posting them! However, I could only view the ones between 11th Dec. 2007 and 12th Feb., 2008. The rest of the videos are inaccessible, Youtube says "This video is not available in your country." My country is Hungary, but I think the censorship may be applied to the rest of the countries as well, except for Japan. Youtube censorship spreading like this is really unfortunate, I think. Is there any chance you could contact the poster of the videos (username: skyperfectv) and ask him to make them available outside Japan in the name of international shogi popularization? I would be very grateful, as I'm really looking forward to viewing the rest of these videos (which remind me of watching NHK Shogi Corner every Sunday while I was in Japan). Thank you very much in advance:



> Gergely Buglyó

I'm sorry some of the videos are not available to watch in your location. I sent a message to Skyperfectv. I will come back to this matter if they reply.

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