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November 22, 2006


Darren (ramalam)

Hi takodori,

I just wanted to say thankyou for the help , you gave me with the Ranging Rook links.
This site is excellent!



Hi ramalam. You're welcome!


Excellent website. Can you please recommend links for mastering opening mechanics, in English, or intermediate Japanese?

Much thanks to you. You're performing a wonderful service for the game.


Hello Sean,
Click my name of this comment. Then you will get to my social bookmark to each page of "Chidori Gin no Senpo Zukan" which is substaincially a replayable encyclopedia of shogi openings, though the articles are written in Japanese. I think it's the best currently.



Great links -- thank you. I'm not perfectly fluent in Japanese, but I can find my way round the annotations.


Great web page and links. Thanks.


Thanks shogi for offering a nicely structured website.

thomas a giles

i notice that both Habu and Sato are listed as 3kyu and 2kyu respectively, why?
as Habu has been world title holder many times and i thought that a challenger for a world title was promoted to 8dan


> thomas a giles

Huh? Where did you find it? Can you show the pointer? They used be in such grades when ther were in Shoreikai.

thomas giles

you will then click on Meijin Tournament or go directly there by way of the address given next

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