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June 19, 2006


thomas giles

i just read a result from the US GO Congress that a 7dan amateur beat a 7dan pro. there is something very wrong with this, this teen has not had the atvantage of a pro go school where as the 7P has. this begs the question what use is a school if someone whom doesn't learn from one can beat someone whom does. this brings to the question for here if any how many amateur shogi players have beat top ranked pros not like habu san level players but 9,8,7 dan pros


I thought only Segawa 4dan who used be an ama player beat the said level of pro player. He won a game of Gingasen against Kubo 8dan when he was an ama.

thomas giles

takodori i went to the site in the above
both of the Osama'S where the carature for Jade very disappointing
in all of the shogi hands that i have seen there is only one with the 玉 and this is the shogi play whom plays sente the gote player has only the 王.
in the above site that you have directed us to the shogi playing board has 玉 for both sides.
historicly i understand that in nippon feudal times the kings could not face each other across the battle field so a prince would face the shogun hence the two 王, 玉


Thomas, thanks for your comment.

Since I'm not a historian, I do not know much about the origin of 王、玉. But I just like to point out the fact that both 玉 are used in almost all shogi diagrams in paper medium such as books, magazines and newspapers in Japan.

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