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May 24, 2006


Benoit Lessard

Hi from Canada !

I want to wish you best of luck with your blog. Shogi strategy texts in english are hard to find even on the net.

Last year my shogi dojo rating was 1350 and I havent played a lot since. Now im making a small comeback and i have difficulties reaching 1100 i dont think my playing strenght did drop that much, im wondering if there is possibly a rating deflation in shogi dojo.
Also im wondering if there is a nice shogi board editor somewhere (to make shogi diagram)

Ps i think its about time someone decide to design "standard" shogi pieces (fonts) for making diagrams. (like hasting or linares for western chess)



Hello Benoit,

Since some good shogi texts in Japanese are emerging these days, I hope they will be translate into English. I'm now trying to find someone who can cooperate the translation.

That's what many people experienced in SC24. One assumption is that younger people is encreasing there. They are generally stronger in SC24's time control and eagerer to study the front line of opening variation. As a result, an old boy like myself suffer from downrating although I personally feel I do not become weaker.

As to shogi board editors, I will make a new entry in my blog in near future.

I did not know anything about hasting or linares by reading your comment. I will examine them later when I have time. Thanks for your opinion.

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