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April 03, 2006



Is the Kozo Mazuda award given for innovative playing or for doing theoretical work, i.e. writing opening books? if the former, are there any gamescores of Hitoshige Awaji on the net?
I'm still very confused about the point of Itte son Kakugawari Senpo; if it's so good to have the rook pawn back on the 4th rank, why can't white just skip this move in the normal development and then be the first to attack?


It's the former. Writing opening books is not necessary. As a matter of fact, I was surprized that Awaji was awarded. I don't know his gamescores is available on the Net.

It's impossible to stay Rook Pawn on the 4th rank in the normal development. This is a good question and I will make a new entry to answer it with some diagrams.

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