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March 20, 2006



The right answer is B*3a which does not allow Gote's King to escape to 1c. In other check moves such as N*1d or R-3a+, it can escape to 1c.

Ryou Takehito

Can we have more Tsume questions? I would appreciate if I have more Tsume questions to practise on.


> Hello Ryou Takehito,

Check the following page in this blog;

I think it works.

Ryou Takehito

Dear Takodori,

Thanks! It has been very useful to help me improve my tsume shogi.

I would like to ask is there any way to contact you if I have any questions related to Shogi? I hope you don't mind since I couldn't find any English-speaking professional Shogi players to consult my problems with.

Ryou Takehito

michael stewart

Thank you for this site ,games and problems!!!!

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