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November 27, 2006


Yury Shpilev

You not point where we can take programm KifuToSWF. I founded it here: http://libpanda.s18.xrea.com/kif/kif.cgi
or link to programm: http://libpanda.s18.xrea.com/jar/kif2swf_0.2.jar (kif2swf v.0.2).

It's good programm, but it can to convert only kif-format without comments.
I converted kifu from Ryu-O from this year and enjoed this games.
Links to kifu from Ryu-O 2006 for testing kif2swf:
1st game: http://live.shogi.or.jp/19ryuoh/061011_ryuoh.kif
2nd game: http://live.shogi.or.jp/ryuoh/kifu19/061101_ryuoh.kif
3rd game: http://live.shogi.or.jp/ryuoh/kifu19/061115_ryuoh.kif

Thanks Manabu-san.


Thanks for comment, Yury.

It can convert comment as well. When the red exclamation mark appears under the board, click it. Then you can read the comments. In my example, 10th and 11th move have comments. Please check.

Yury Shpilev

Thanks. I can see your test only in Internet Explorer and Opera. By the way I can't see game in Nescape 7.2 -:(

Nicola Caridi

Thanks. I haven't problems with Internet Explorer, but I can't see the game with Mozilla Firefox 1.5


Hi Nicola, Thanks for valuable input. I reproduced the phenomenon. Hmmn..,


Hi Nicola, Thanks for valuable input. I reproduced the phenomenon. Hmmn..,

Andrei Lysenka

Good idea. But it doesn't work on my pc. I launch kif2swf_0.2.2.jar
or kif2swf_0.2.2.exe, open a file, click convert and... nothing:(


Hello Andrei,

The entry does not intent for you to download and use kif2swf. I do not know if the developerwould like it to be used by a non-Japanese. So I cannot help you.

Andrei Lysenka

Oh indeed, thanks for hint:) I had JRE installed without Japanese language support. I reinstalled Java and kif2swf works fine. Thank you.

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